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Solar powered emergency alert device

[Category : - Life-saving; Fire-fighting]
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A solar powered emergency alert device, including a casing body, a button disposed on the casing body to be depressed by a user, and a printed circuit board (PCB) disposed within the casing body to generate and transmit a signal to a third party device in response to the depression of the button. The device may be ineffectual in situations where one doesn’t have access to a cellphone, cannot speak or does not know their location. It is designed to be durably
waterproof; the device features an emergency button which one can press enabling the device to immediately transmit an alert to
authorities of an occurring crisis with GPS coordinates.
The Solar Powered Emergency Alert Device is to be solar energy operated, avoiding usage of batteries or plugs for convenient and portability and prolonged lifespan. The device is the only product of its kind to facilitate the process of reaching authorities during an emergency. It is uniquely designed to implement serial numbers for each unit as well as a registered name system which can be utilized to track a stolen device or lost user. I came up with this idea when six women were killed in Jennings,La. and still today the killer has not be caught and from a woman that could not speak that was raped and killed.

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