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Self-powered massage shoes soles

[Category : - HEALTH]
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This invention relates to a Massaging Shoe Sole, in particular, self-sufficiency collector and adjustable in position and further massage pressure points of the sole by electrostatic acupuncture, self-sufficiency electric massage capable of adjusting the strength and frequency of massage pressure on shoe soles.
In the modern people of life, for example, there is a variety of pressure, such as mental and physical strength or stress on the job, mental disorder or physical disorder is a problem that is commonly encountered in modern people. Massage of sole pot that is prevalent in recent years, by stimulating massage the corresponding human body organs through the sole, nervous system, respiratory system, blood circulation, gastrointestinal digestive, urinary and reproductive systems, endocrine and immune systems or for such vigour of the circulation system, all have a substantial effect or to adjust or toxins. Foot massage stimulates the pot to keep the health of the body, can strengthen each of the systems of the human body, it is possible to increase the immunity and natural Chiiyoiyo ability to restore the vigour.
However, the conventional machine, has the effect of massaging the pot sites surrounding body, it is necessary to circumscribe the power, yet the volume is too large, weighs too heavy, mobile is inconvenient, the user in the process of operation, it can not be adjusted according to usage.
This invention is self-sufficiency conductive and positioning possible, to further massaging the pot of the sole by electrostatic acupuncture, provides self-sufficient electric massage sole with the advantage of adjusting the intensity and frequency of the massage power With the goal.
An embodiment of the present invention is self-sufficient electric massage sole comprising a plurality of electrode plates located in the sole, and a power generator built in the shoe heel is posted. Among them, these electrode plates are electrically connected to each other to face toward the inside of the sole shoes, these electrode plates in contact with the site of the sole of the foot respectively user, power generator shoe heel, electrically connected to the electrode plate, giving power to these electrode plates, these electrode plates are adapted to stimulate the user's sole region after passing the current.

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