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[Category : - RENEWABLE ENERGY- Pneumatic Accessories]
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This invention replaces manual or limited operation of air jets, used for spreading biomass over furnace grates, with fully automated, reprogrammable , continuous variation of jet nozzle pressures.
Thousands of existing boilers, as well as all new boilers, with any type of furnace grate, can improve combustion and reduce particulate emissions by incorporating this technology.

The mayor advantages over existing spreading equipment are:

1) Reduction Biomass consumption/ steam generated ( 2 -10 %)
2) Steam generation increased without pressure reduction (1-10%)
3) Reduced negative effects of excessive moisture (Over 50%)
4) More stable steam generation, for power generation with turbines.
5) Significant reduction of particulate emissions exiting the furnace.
6) Reduced clinkering of superheater surfaces.

Financial information

We are looking for investors in our company to market this product.
Trademark: Spread on Grate

Countries where this system is operating: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Dominican Republic.
Market Potential: Over 5 million dollars/year
Market description: All biomass combustion boilers (old or new)

If a company that manufactures boilers or accessories for boilers, is interested in an exclusive use of this patent we would sell all rights for no less than 250,000$US, on single payment.

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