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Lifter Hamper - Never bend over to do laundry again.

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The Lifter Hamper spring loaded hampere laminatesbending over to reach into your hamper. This soft-sided hamper isspring loaded.As the hamper fills, the springs expand, allowing the hamper to hold 2-3 loadsof laundry. As you unload the hamper, the spring-loaded hamper contracts,drawing the bottom of the hamper up. This means that every piece of clothing isalways within easy reach. No uncomfortable bending. No twisting. The hamper isbuilt on a sturdy metal frame with protective plastic joints and a stabilitystrap, an extra perk just for good measure. The soft bag hamper anchors to theframe with elastic straps and fixed tabs for even more spring action. TheLifter Hamper goes a step further. It has 4 smooth rolling castersso the hamperglides easily across the floor. It rolls flat--no tilting. This puts the top ofthe hamper's frame 32.5 in. off the ground, making it easy and comfortable topush or pull. A soft fabric lid drapes over the top of the hamper to keep yourlaundry covered while you move from room to room. The Lifter Hamper folds up,too, so you can store it in a closet, under the bed, or between the washer anddryer. It's just 3 in. wide folded up. The Lifter Hamper, fully assembled,32.25 high (top to bottom), 18.25 in. wide (side to side), and 22in. deep(front to back). The hamper bag expands from 7 in. to 22.5 in. as it fills. Thebag is 23 in. high, 15.25 in. wide, and 17.5 in. deep.

Spring loaded-bungee spring keeps laundry always within reach
Space-saving-holds 2-3 loads of laundry, folds up to 3 in. wide to store
Comfortable height-can be used standing or sitting (wheelchair-friendly)
Easy to manuever-4 multi-directional castors roll in all directions
Discrete-drape lid protects your privacy in the hallway or common laundry room
Frame: 32.25 high, 18.25 in. wide, and 22 in. deep; Bag: 7-23 in. high, 15.25 in. wide, and 17.5 in. deep

Financial information

-The original Lifter Hamper is currently being sold through various outlets, and is currently licensed. We have created new SKU's that are getting ready to be sold in the next few months.

-Patent and Trademark have been issued.

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