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Bladder cancer is a disease affecting a constantly growing group of people around the world. Urinary epithelial carcinoma may be detected by specular and scanning tests, or by microscopic analysis of cells present in the urine. During the formation of a cancer within the urinary epithelium, increased activity of proteolytic enzymes is observed, causing the breakdown of proteins.
The proposed diagnostic marker detects the presence of these enzymes. A very strong correlation between the presence of protease activity in human urine and the occurrence of bladder cancer have been observed. The diagnostic procedure with the use of the above mentioned marker takes no more than one hour, calculating from the moment of taking a patient’s urine sample up to receiving the result. The effectiveness of describing detection method for bladder epithelial carcinoma has been confirmed during tests carried out on a group of 661 persons, including almost 200 patients with diagnosed bladder epithelial cancer. The occurrence of the disease has been confirmed not only by the use of proposed marker but also by histopathological examinations and during the medical treatment of patients as well.

The proposed diagnostic marker shows qualities that make it competitive in relation to products
with a similar range of activity which are available on the market.
Main advantages:
• non-invasive,
• requires only a small sample of the patient's urine to be tested, approximately 1 ml,
• short waiting time for the final result - less than 60 minutes,
• effective even in the initial phase of the disease,
• based on the study of protein activity, not its concentration as in case of markers currently
available on the market,
• the method is significantly cheaper than other similar products on the market,
• the detection method does not require specialized knowledge, diagnostics is simple and easy to
carry out,
• high diagnostic effectiveness of the marker at ca. 80,5%

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