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Double Rotor Without Stator Electric Motor

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This is my pleasure and privilege to inform that recently I have filed patent applications with
the Intellectual Property India for my inventions entitled "Double Rotors Electric Motor". These
inventions, as claimed in the patents (i.e. 3625/DEL/2015, 2824/DEL/2015, and 2825/DEL/2015), may
change the future electricity generation and consumption pattern in the world.
2. So far the electric power conservation/ efficiency is concerned these have the potentials to
revolutionized the world with as much as 25 to 100 percent energy efficiency over their
respective existing conventional designs of an electric motor.
3. As you are aware that granting patent took minimum 8 to 10 years in India. Therefore, I am
approaching you for exploring possibilities for early taking up a project so as to finalize the commercial
design of the claimed invention and for timely launching of the product thereof.
4. The details of the patent documents, as mentioned, are already available on the website of the Patent
Office (Intellectual Property India).

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