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Travel Play Tray

[Category : - Toys and games- Camping and Outdoors - Baby products]
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A travel tray having a flexible magnetically receptive, dry erase play surface permitting a child user to “stick” magnetic pieces to the play surface as desired as well as write or draw on the play surface using non-toxic dry erase markers is described. Variations include side pockets to store play items, such as markers, magnets, small toys and snacks. The side pockets typically include a mesh outer layer permitting a child or caretaker to see what is contained in the pockets at a glance without having to reach therein. In one variation a side pocket having a solid waterproof fabric outer layer is provided wherein the pocket is sized to receive a beverage container and includes an opening lined with an elastic band to assist in holding the container in place in an upright orientation.

Financial information

This product was sold in Toys R Us locations in the USA and online until they closed their stores.

I would prefer to sell tis product outright.

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