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OSCILLATION EXCITER , machines for any today industry branch.

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Disclosed oscillation exciter comprises a housing, and at least one working mass oscillatably mounted in the housing by means of at least one elastic element, and at least one solenoid mounted in the housing and adapted to periodically apply a force to said at least one working mass for oscillation thereof, and at least one additional working mass oscillatably mounted in the housing by means of least one additional elastic element, and at least one additional solenoid mounted in the housing and adapted to periodically apply a force to said at least one additional working mass for oscillation thereof, and a control circuit connected to said solenoids and adapted to control operation of the solenoids. The control circuit in the disclosed oscillation exciter is adapted to produce and deliver to the solenoids pre-determined current impulses to control operation of the solenoids such that the forces periodically applied by the solenoids to the working masses cause oscillation of the working masses at a resonance frequency.

Financial information

The patent text is describing only machines operated with materials but the concept is in common lot the same for new types of electrical generators and transport crafts, they are my another claims to another patents unpublished yet. The key words meaning the main points to understand the text correctly are "symmetry", "resonance", "energy portion", "principal tone", "1,2,3....overtones". All of them come together to energy convertion efficiency close to 90% and higher and assotiated with "nature harmony" at all.

Some marks about key words:
"symmetry" - two convertion circuits are accomodated in a single housing. They run towards each other. Both are identical in their characteristics and oppositely directed by their vectors.
"resonance" - eliminates inertial losses and provides momentory accumulation of internal energy.
"energy portion" - receipt of the next portion is permitted only after the complete conversion the previous portion into useful work or movement and natural losses.
"princial tone" - unexhaustible powerfull potential, highest iumping pressure from "+", through "0", to "-" and so on, through and through.
"1,2,3... overtones" - exhaustible weak energy portion, which is working as useful and for some small waste losses.

The greate idea of the case is following: up to date machines designed on the basis of "wheel" should be excluded from exploitation as outdated and imperfect, kinematic scheem based on engines, wheels, gears, shafts, bearings, as well as lubricants, hydraulics, pneumatics, etc. go into a class dommed to extinction.

Five questions and five answers which permit to catch meaning of benefits associated with my patents.

The first question:
Why the efficiency of the modern mechanical machines producing work in the industrial sphere is so low that is in the range from 0% to 10-15%? Why is it unattainable to the region close to 100% (for example 95%-98%)?

All mechanical machines are based on the "wheel" - a great invention of mankind. This invention is fatally doomed efficiency of machines in existence at the bottom of the range of 0%-100%. The ideal efficiency of these machines can be set to 25%, in practice - much lower.
Wheel as a positive element of civilization objectively turned into its opposite, providing a self - liquidation of civilization itself. The rapid increase in heat release to the environment became beyond the control of man.

The second question:
Why is modern economy doomed to degradation?

The man carried away "the production of means of production, for production of means of production, for production of means of production, for...etc." Such chains are getting longer and longer, up to infinity, because there is no limit to perfection of orthodox technology.
Multiplying of low efficiency of each value in the chain leads to a leveling down of the very purpose of economy. We perish because of the inability to use energy more efficiently (for example, close to 100%). In addition we are unable to produce consumer goods in the shortest way. Finally, growth of harmful production on Earth contributes to environmental degradation.

The third question:

Why is access to space based on the rocket-missile technology doomed to failure?

Overcoming gravity with rocket "shot" is a way to achieve the goal by "any cost". Victims of the nature because of this technology expansion on Earth can not be measured or understood by man. We are not able to stop the process, at the same time we can not estimate transition of starts quantity to negative technogenetic quality.

The fourth question:
Why is "not exhaustive" energy sources can not be open - minded?

If it were possible, the rate of degradation of our civilization has multiplied. Not knowing how to use efficiently the energy, we are rapidly brought down Earth to man -caused catastrophe. Energy balance of the Earth would be incompatible with biological life.
Providence, itself prohibits us from such discoveries.

The fifth question:
Is there a viable alternative that can really bring out us from the civilization impasse?

Yes, there is a form of non - use of the "wheel" as the element that goes away from harmony of civilization with surrounding nature including the Earth and the Universe in general. The nature itself pushes us to do. All living things around has nothing to do with the "wheel". Nowhere in the universe you will not find wheel rotation around a fixed shaft or vice versa. Contradiction "mobile" to "fixed" (friction) is the root of all evils in the world today beginning from low efficiency up to global environmental disasters.
However, the Universe exists eternally as pulsations, vibrations, wave processes and etc. All of these concepts apply the proximity to "harmony". Philosophical understanding of harmony is closely connected with freedom. Consequently, the universal harmony associated with the concept of "free" or "own" hesitation. Harmonious interaction with the outside world for any subject is a search for energy pulses with a frequency close to the own ones.
So, we come to the main and very important concept for us - "resonance".
Thus, the alternative production activities are close associated with resonance or harmony in vibration - wave installations, which enable the efficiency lead to values close to 100% with all consequences that follow from this.

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