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Compositions comprising THC for aphrodisiac use

[Category : - CHEMISTRY]
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Sublingual absorption of a psychoactive THC compound promotes a natural healthy sex and "LoveLife" (trademarked).
Patents pending in US and Canada.
Helps solve problems of sexual inhibitions and dysfunctions.
Consumed by two partners simultaneously.
Science field is Neuropsychopharmacology.
Works in brain, mind, and sexual organs.
Primary brain receptors in hippocampus and limbic system.
Vetted by scientists: MDs/neurologists/biochemists/psychiatrists.
Promotes intimacy which is the precursor of sex.
Classified as a mood drug, like anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs.

Huge global markets for a true aphrodisiac. Initial marketing and sales planned for Canada.

I am the sole inventor of the intellectual properties noted above.
I have a partner who is a JD patent attorney and also a PhD

Current and planned patents interlock, designed to be highly defensible.

All the above intellectual properties are bundled together in
a Folio which is available for license or for sale. Outright sale
price is less than $500,000. Full disclosure requires that a
Non-disclosure Agreement be signed.
John Springer

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