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Wireless 911-enabled Smoke/CO/Heat Alarms

[Category : - Security and alarms]
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Next­-generation wireless 911 smoke, heat, and CO alarms are configured to transmit emergency text­messages directly to
911 dispatch centers and mobile emergency response personnel with mobile computing devices, utilizing forthcoming textto­911 and NG911 systems. Wireless communication/location technologies include multi­band/ mode cellular, IP networking,
WiFi, WiMAX, GPS, Assisted GPS, DTV. This technology is a vital part of the 'internet of things.'

This is one of a portfolio of patents:
US 7,019,646, Combination Smoke Alarm and Wireless Location Device, 9/11/2003
US 7,319,403, Combination Carbon Monoxide and Wireless E-911 Location Alarm, 3/2/2005
US 7,567,174, Combination Alarm Device with Enhanced Wireless Notification and Position Location Features, 12/27/2005

Residential dwellings (occupied, vacant, and those under construction), to include mobile homes, recreational vehicles, and
travel trailers. In addition, at­risk populations (children, the elderly, and disabled? to include individuals with hearing or
speech impairments and physical disabilities.)

The limitations of existing conventional single­station residential smoke or CO alarms include being unable to directly notify
a 911 center of the fire/CO emergency when persons are not at home, homes are vacant or unoccupied, or when persons
are disabled, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to make a 911 call.
In most fire or CO emergencies, the building occupants are in a state of anxiety and unable to use a land­line or wireless
phone to call 911. Often these phones are located inside the building where these individuals are attempting to evacuate.
Taking time to locate a phone, dial 911, and articulate the emergency is a challenge for most people during an emergency
who are in a heightened state of fear? in particular, children, the elderly, or disabled persons.

Wireless NG911 enabled smoke and CO alarm technology transmit an emergency data/text­message directly to a 911
center, bypassing commercial monitoring centers, saving valuable emergency response time. Recent FCC rules allow text
messages, directly from mobile phones to 911 centers, which encompasses emergency alerts from alarms and sensors.
Wireless NG911 enabled smoke and CO Alarm technology are AC or battery powered self contained alarm units with
integrated cellular/GPS and wireless network chip­sets that operate in 3G and 4G wireless communication systems. The
chip­set can comprise a memory for storing emergency identification data for fire/CO incident reporting to a 911 center.
Upon sensing a dangerous level of smoke, heat, or CO, the alarm automatically transmits an emergency data/textmessage directly to the 911 center, alerting dispatchers of the nature and location of the emergency

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