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Method and device in a telecommunication for communication

[Category : - Telecommunications]
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The invention is useful and practical for example at the following areas:
- Autonomous driving: compare the feedback/results to provide best routes etc.
- IoT: measurements and comparisons
- Military use: self-steering missile control systems
- Digital marketing: answers and results comparisons
- Scientific development: nano-robots in medical sector etc.

The method is performed in a telecommunication network that comprise one or more terminals, a data server and a network interface. The terminal requests a communication product stored in a data server after which the terminal gets access to the requested product. The steps required by the communication product are performed as an interactive real-time communication between the terminal and the data server. The results of the performed steps are then received at the terminal.The present invention introduces a new individual feedback technology in real-time for users of wired and wireless internet application.

The present invention has several advantages compared to prior art solutions. Because of its structure, it is very easy for the operator to change the details in the service product and constantly offer new or up-dated versions of the service product to the user, which the user can fetch from the server. The content of the service can therefore be added, changed flexibly or removed very easily. The service provider has thus control over its own service, and changes are easily implemented when required. A WAP-server, WEB-server or other gateway or wireless access server can provide user management and access control. The service provider can charge for the service on the basis of access log, used air time, number of transactions or amount of data transferred. Furthermore, it is question about an interactive and user-friendly product, which enables individual bi-directional real-time connections between user terminals and servers of service providers. The invention makes it possible to give feed-back of the results to the user, which makes the product very individual and personal compared to prior art products. Thanks to the real-time feed-back possibility of the product, it is very useful in lot of different applications, such as for playing games, for participation in tests, gallup investigations and quizzes, and as a follow up management product in project work, in scientific research work, for status and situation reports in military use etc.

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