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Automated Drink Mixing Machine

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An automated drink preparation apparatus that is operable to assist in the preparation of mixed drinks such as but not limited to cocktails. The automated drink preparation apparatus further includes a housing having an interior volume. Operably coupled to the housing is a drink glass conveyor system that is operable to transport drink glasses disposed thereon. Disposed within the interior volume of the housing is a plumbing system containing a plurality of storage vessels, a delivery tube network and a mixing assembly. The mixing assembly further includes a mixing chamber and a multi-port solenoid valve. Mounted to the exterior of the housing is a display screen providing access to the operating software of the automated drink preparation apparatus. An age verification module is mounted to the housing and is operable to facilitate commencement of a self-service mode. A remote interface is further included.

Financial information

This would be great to add to a POS for restaurants and bars. Once the drink is ordered in the POS the Wunder Mixer would make the drink using exact measurements which will save each restaurant thousands of dollars lost in over pouring. The ability to have the Wunder Mixer be self severing also adds value with new restaurant concepts on the market. The customer could select the desired drink that has been programmed into the mixer and within minutes the drink would be ready without waiting in a long line for a bar tender.

I am looking to either sell this outright or enter into a licensing agreement.

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