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Porta Pit - Portable and Collapsible Fire Pit

[Category : - Camping and Outdoors - Fishing and hunting]
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The present invention provides a portable and collapsible fire pit. The device includes a base having a
plurality of legs removably secured to a lower side thereof. An annular sidewall is configured to be
removably secured to the upper side of the base via a locking ring disposed thereon that slidably receives
the sidewall. A grate is removably positioned within the interior volume defined by the sidewall and base .
The grate is configured to support fuel such as wood thereon. The device can be easily collapsed,
transported, and reassembled as desired.
Many individuals partake in outdoor activities on a frequent basis, including lighting campfires. Campfires
provide individuals with warmth, the ability to cook, and a mirthful ambiance. Unfortunately, in many
campgrounds, lighting campfires using uncontained is not permitted. Traditional contained fire pits are
typically difficult to haul or store for travel. Accordingly, a portable and easy to transport fire pit is desired. Also you must figure in not only the weekend or vacation camper but think about how many Snowbirds that travel south for the winters. People come from Canada and several northern states in the US, to be where its warm for the winter. The Porta Pit is so easy to store in the bottom of any RV, pick-up or trunk of a car. It is stored in a bag and can be carried and placed anywhere you want to assemble it. The Porta Pit is so easy to assemble just takes a few seconds to put together or take apart, my 8 year daughter puts mine together.

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