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[Category : - PET PRODUCTS- Furnitures- Baby products]
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Decorative step stool cover is interchangeable, washable and has special made anti-slip feet helping users remain safe and secure in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, playrooms and anywhere else that people or pets need a boost. Fabric absorbs water when feet are wet, eliminating slippage and warming feet when cold. Colors and designs can be coordinated to match any home decor vs unappealing traditional plastic or wooden stools. Developed with children in mind, character covers help build confidence and independence, empowering kids to “have fun and get it done” around the house. Stools can be personalized with the on-board name tag holder.

Nearly 75% of all households own at least 1 step stool and that number is nearly 100% in homes with young children.

Technical Description: A decorative step stool cover is provided, comprising: a body having a substantially flat top surface, the top surface configured to cover a planar step surface of a single step stool and the body configured to overhang sides of the step stool; a head attached to a first end of the body; a tail attached to a second end of the body, opposite the head; four legs attached to respective corners of the body, each leg comprising a compartment configured to enclose a leg of the step stool; and means for removably securing the step stool cover to the step stool.

Financial information

Nearly 2,000 units have been sold and we are looking for an outright sale or licensing agreement. Over 75% of households have at least one step stool used for kids, adults, and pets. In the U.S. alone there are over 20 million households just in the kids 3-9 age bracket.

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