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[Category : - OTHER- Fishing and hunting- Security and alarms]
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Non Lethal is an idea for military and police officers to use if they are in a situation dangerous for their life but do not wish to take another life but solely incapacitate the other person. Non Lethal is a bullet with a fast emptying capacitor or a battery inside of it that delivers the same "punch" as a taser but with one crucial difference. This is reloadable with a magazine and has as many non lethal bullets you can fit into the magazine rather than having to reload the cartridge. The bullets are made of rubber and plastic tips and they do not kill but simply shock people.

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I am looking to sell my patent to the highest bidder or to license with royalties.
My invention has not ben previously sold or marketed.
The market potential is 4-5 million US dollars.
The patent is for sale or to licence with royalties for at least 4 million US dollars.

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