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Inflatable externally lighted decoration

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An inflatable externally lighted decoration includes an inflatable body and lights configured to externally illuminate the decoration. A plurality of attachment points on the body retain lights along the outer surface of the body. In some embodiments, the attachment points are wire retainers. A wire separator may be positioned on the body to fan the lights across the body. An attachment ring may be affixed to the body to suspend and/or retrieve the decoration from a structure.

Typically hung from trees outdoors to produce a stunning display for Christmas. Also used for weddings, pool parties, outdoor dinning areas, etc.

Easily deflated for storage.

Youtube video is in Greensboro,NC and are mostly homemade chicken wire balls without LED lights.

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Desire an outright sale or licensing with up front payment.
I made a small (1000 pieces) run using manufacturers from China and sold out in 3 months locally.

Do not have resources to purchase more.

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