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Fantastic new Trellis System-Big markets in the US, Europe, China

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS- Lawn and Garden]
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This new trellis system, we call it MagicTreamer, is a very versatile and decorative plant support.rnrnIt comes out of a box, similar to a pizza box and folds out to an impressive sculpture when mounted. There are endless possibilities to create different shapes and sizes with this system.rnrnBeside its decorative appearance it has basic advantages against commonly known trellises:rn> It stands far more stable the trellises that are just secured with some spikes in the ground: MagicTreamer is shaped like a basket at the low end which is fully integrated into the container or pot. So with soil and roots, the plant, pot and MagicTreamer become one entity.rn> Easy to store and ship, easy to mount in different shapes and sizes.rn> Lightweight, not bulky.rn> Made from stainless steel band it will last very long and stay decorative.

Financial information

Great new product for home and garden - indoor and outdoor.

Patent protected for three big markets:
> US
> Europe
> China (pending)
We look for a partner who will utilize this for all those markets.

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