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Collapsed cable drum lift & inversion bar for field use

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The lifting and inversion bar can be used with cable drums on all construction sites in the world where wooden cable drums are in various stages of collapse. These drums can now be inverted safely and quickly in the field with a crane and can be respooled and or transported to other workshops for respooling. The cable on these drums can be saved and reused which in turn saves many thousands of dollars on projects world wide. The lift inverter bar is the only real safe , cost effective and efficient way to lift and invert cable drums at the project face. Field respooling on turntables will save transport and time delay costs. Predominately wooden drums stop being used at the 12 tonne mark then steel drums are usually utilised. 2 x lift inverter bars are used for all drums up to 12 tonnes. One bar is designed and SWL rated to 6 tonnes and the 2nd from 6 to 12 tonnes. However the design can be utilised for any weight of drum in the world. Every crane company that has these 2 liftinverter bars in their inventory adds another YES ,CAN DO tick to there business. The lift inverter bar has other uses such as picking drums from laydown yards and loading of trucks, where the traditional use of forklifts invariably damages the drums and cable. Lifting and rotating rotted drums for preservation purposes is another benefit.

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