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[Category : - Footwear]
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FIELD: footwear.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to shoes with a system of self-tightening laces, which includes a sole, upper part, laces, interlocker, characterized in that in the sole there is a sub-fluid reservoir with liquid that can flow to the pistons integrated in the sole, connected to the laces and pulling them up.EFFECT: technical result consists in self-tightening of shoes.4 cl, 7 dwg

A few years ago, Nike created their famous shoes with self-tightening laces (as in the sci-Fi movie "Back to the future"). At the same time, the Nike brand was confirmed and a new footwear market actually began to be created.
At the same time Nike sneakers have several negative points:
1. The need for a power source (batteries, accumulators), which reduces the convenience of using such shoes.
2. The presence of a large number of sensors and electric motors, which increases the cost of such shoes.
Meanwhile, I was able to develop a design that with the same functionality will not require power supplies and will have a lower cost in production and sale, and therefore have a greater purchasing power.
In my design, it is provided that the person at the first wear of shoes can adjust the tension of the laces, and the Ah tension will be carried out by the hydraulic system.
More information can be sent upon request.
On this design I received a patent for the invention.
What I offer to the buyer of my patent:
1. Brand creation. Yes, maybe you already have a brand, but is it interesting to the buyer? Isn't it better to strengthen the brand's attractiveness?
2. Creating a new market. You make shoes? But why compete with others if you can create a new market for shoes and attract a lot of buyers?
3. Increasing the profitability of the business. After all, if we create a new market for shoes, we also expand our presence in the market as a whole.
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Vyacheslav (Slava)

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