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Multi-directional marine propulsor apparatus

[Category : - Boating- RENEWABLE ENERGY- Navigation and orientation]
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The apparatus controls the flow and thrust of water from the propeller/impeller as would a rudder, but this can direct the flow of thrust up to 45 degrees to port and to starboard. When the thrust gate is turned all the way to port or stbd, the entire flow of thrust is directed up to 45 degrees to the side. This gives a push off of the dock. Turned the opposite way and into reverse, this unit can easily back a vessel out of a tight area.
The Propeller/impeller is protected from damage by underwater objects by the housing of the Propulsor.
The unit can be operated equally well by thrust from a pump, as in the case of small units of fifty pounds of thrust. Units with electric motors have been made, but will work on any power unit type that is installed, gas or diesel.
Idea for shallow draft military units for Combat Engineers, mobilizing barges for self docking operations, small recreation boats to large ocean going vessels of thousands of horsepower.
This unit can make a side thruster "multi-directional" and if installed fore and aft, it would be main propulsion.

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