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[Category : - Computers and computer accessories ]
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FIELD: robotics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to monitoring systems of robotic systems. Action blocker of robotic systems can have its own mechanism for tracking actions of robotic system. In case of malfunction of robotic system and / or criminal acts being performed, user can interrupt electrical power supply of robot systems by pressing button, and / or giving voice command, and / or giving radio signal, after which robot stops its activities and communicates with surrounding devices.EFFECT: improving of operation safety of robotic systems is achieved.1 cl, 1 dwg


1. The action blocker of robotic systems, characterized in that it may have its own mechanism for tracking the actions of the robotic system and in the event of a failure of the robotic system and/or criminal actions may interrupt the electrical power of the relevant robot systems by pressing a button, and/or a voice command, and/or a radio signal, after which the robot ceases its actions and communication with the surrounding devices.

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