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FIELD: test equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for conducting aerodynamic tests. In the aqua-aerodynamic pipe tests are carried out by immersing the test object in aqueous medium. In this case, additional liquid may be used to visualize the flow, collected after flowing round test object in collection chamber, and/or a dye that dissolves in aqueous medium and/or retained by filters in the flow path. When testing objects in aqueous medium, correction index can be used, taking into account density of test object, external pressure on scales and possible floatability.EFFECT: technical result is to improve quality of the tests.1 cl, 4 dwg
Additional information may be sent upon request. CLAIMS: 1. Aquaerodynamic pipe consisting of a body, a pump, robotic control mechanisms, and a liquid or air, characterized in that the pump can be used as a fan, and in tests in an aqueous medium, a special dye can be used to visualize the flows.
2. Aquaerodynamic pipe according to claim 1, characterized in that, depending on the size and availability of additional devices, it may be designed for testing and/or training or games.

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