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Cigarette recepticle

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I patented this cigarette receptacle to give people who smoke the ability to have more control of what they are smoking. The ability to refresh while extinguishing saves the taste when re-lit yet contains residual odors Using one of Brunelle's principles to reduce the heat below flashing point rather than starving the fire of oxygen also helps keep the unfinish portion fresh and tasting the same when re-lit.
This device is pocket sized and easily stored in a pocket or hand bag. It is envisaged once established new laws can be set in place requiring a smoker to have a product on them if they smoke to reduce fire hazards as global warming sets in. I have met with the tobacco packaging and regulation people in Brisbane and they suggested I get this on the market in 2008
Benefits include the ability to put a smoke out at any point in time. In todays world smokers are limited to where they can smoke and often who will allow them to smoke around. This reduces the stress of putting out a cigarette.
Benefits also include saving money. Today in Australia the average cigarette costs around $1.05 each. So every time this device is used and the cigarette is re-lit the smoker has saved $1.05 because they didn't have to light a new cigarette. ect
Benefits also include the ability to learn to want to learn you can talk your self out of smoking with this the smoker can wean off nicotine and quit. The self esteem and pride that comes is priceless.
Since I have patented this the need for such a device has increased several fold. With only two years left on the patent it will be important to register trademarks to hold onto it. So I am prepared to let this go this week only for a very low price to some one who wants to help people addicted to an increasingly more expensive habit and make a lot of money in the process. The need is there.
This Cigarette Receptacle is patented for anything wrapped in paper intended to be smoked.

Financial information

Last I checked eighty thousand units cost less than .50 assembled and will sell for around the price of a pack of cigarettes which is averaged around $30. So profit is there to be had.

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