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male hormone replacement

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the world market for male hormone replacement is dominated today by axeron and androgel.
these drugs use doses of 90 to 120 mg testosterone to achieve levels above 650.
my medicine reaches 850/1150 level with 25 mg.
provides increasing the level by 8 hr and mamtém the supply by until 12hs after the bath.
is the only one that can control the increase in aromatization that transdermal hormone replacement causes.
this medication resulted in the solution of the problem of transdermal delivery for any transdermal medication. So what is being marketed is a patent for general third-party products.
this patent is published in Brazil under the number BR102017020161-9
deposited under the PCT

Financial information

text translated by google tralator.
The world market for men's hormone replacement now reaches 3 billion dollars. The two biggest market Axeron and Androgel market 2 billion per year.
this medication as described above is superior to the above two, not only in assimilation but also in the solution of the aromatization problem.
this medication certainly beats the two market leaders.
I am negotiating:
- sale of the patent.
- offering 5% of the patent for who defrays the deposit in the US (I am Brazilian and probre - take advantage to acquire a company and start to negotiate the rights in the USA).
US filing deadline until May 20, 2020.
it is certainly patent to be traded in terms of up to 500 million dollars or more.
phone: 055-16-996138713 (I speak Portuguese only)
e-mail: [Use the button below to contact me]

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