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The Stratosphere Blimp Filter

[Category : - Life-saving; Fire-fighting]
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This is a product that has a provisional patent #62744904 for 12 years to seek investors and manufacturing for sale before rolling it over to the Non - Provisional Patent for 20 years. It is called the Stratosphere Blimp Filter. It is design as a full Blimp with a large filter of .1-.3 microns attached to the bottom for the purpose of filtering the Air. The problem it address is that the Oxygen level of the earth is disappearing at 1 percent every year. When I was made aware of it the percentage of Oxygen was at 21 percent now this year is at 20 percent there are two views out on the internet that the oxygen level has to be at 19,25 in order for humans to breath the other view is that it can't go lower then 15 for life to be sustained. This product filters the emission caused by the Cars, factories and coal mining eliminating what is diminishing the air Allowing mother nature to raise the oxygen. This product is very important and we need to make it as soon as possible. If interested please get in touch with me.

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