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Vital Mobiles and disease testers

[Category : - HEALTH]
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This product has a 12 month provisional patent it's number is #62714672.
The vital mobiles come designed in three types .
The first one is a mobile disease tester the size of a glucose tester. It tests for all the major SDT'S plus pregnancies. All one needs to do is carry with them on their person and at parties, bars, night clubs, vacations spring fest and colleges a person can have himself tested as well has is new partner before they commit to sexual intercourse. Allowing them to protect themselves and assure themselves of who has what before the act of lovemaking.
2. The second type is similar to the first one but has more disease, cancers, heart markers plus pregnancies. A great device to take with you on vacations due to the testing of tropical disease. It is also a great device for singles to inform them of any cancers or , tb and other serious disease. The disease can be furnish on request.
3. The third device is an all in one unit that test all the vitals with EKG being optional plus glucose and all the diseases, cancers, SDT"s and pregnancies. They are all WiFi so the results can be emailed to Doctors. If interested in more details email me at [Use the button below to contact me]

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