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Method keeping probiotics alive w/o refrigeration (skin and food)

[Category : - Organic Chemistry]
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We created a process that allows beneficial bacteria to live until application, without refrigeration. We are currently patent pending and are interested in working with others.

Skin Probiotics has developed 3 over the counter products now selling in US markets.

While we were addressing dermatological stresses (dermatitus, eczema, acne, etc) on the human body, we found that if we applied living bacteria strains directly on the skin, this improved the amount of time needed to effect change as well as the efficacy of this over the counter treatment. The more healthy, or alive, the strain of bacteria (probiotic) was, the more powerful the reaction on ph imbalances on the skin that lead to most dermatological symptoms. This could be true for any other use of bacteria where it is being used to enhance a products value. The challenge is no one knows how to manufacture with live bacteria and keeping them that way in a cost effective manner.
Skin Probiotics has developed 3 over the counter products now selling in US markets.
By allowing for delivery of "fresh" living, powerful bacteria in the manufacturing process, certain over the counter products were able to overpower existing unwanted conditions, or existing disempowering bacteria, very quickly. Conditions such as acne and eczema are immediately effected in such a way there is a noticeable change toward healthy vibrant skin.
Whether it be the skin, food or other manufacturing uses, wherever there is a need for strains of live bacteria to be as powerful as needed for more improved efficacy, our method can provide strong viable specimens to create the intended effect. The secret to product strength and efficacy is how healthy and strong the bacteria are in the product.

All companies manufacturing a product with bacteria (probiotics) currently are using not only processed (dead bacteria) for ease of manufacturing and transportation purposes. They also have to add additional preservatives, chemicals, and fillers. They obviously do this for economic and decay reasons. When something is alive there is no decay and therefore no reason for preservatives in order to achieve viable shelf life. With our process much of these ingredients and processes are eliminated therefore allowing you to put more active ingredient in the product instead of inactive.

In conclusion, our process finally levels the playing field concerning the choice of purity ingredients in pure products or small amount of active ingredient for marketing purposes combined with cheap filler and huge advertising budget, to get the consumer to buy the product.

Todays consumers are recognizing the difference . Now, using our process and/or products , manufacturers can leap ahead of competitors without increasing costs.

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