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What this device does is bring fresh air from the outdoor, filterers it, brings it to the desired temperature, and dispenses it at the location of your choice, most likely near your bed at night.

It is great if you feel like you need more oxygen, especially when you sleep. It is quiet, easy to use, inexpensive, cost effective, easy to maintain, and efficient. People with sleep apnea say it helps them sleep better with out any aid, but it is also good for just enjoying a fresh and clear air from the outdoor, without being outdoor, and allows you to close all the windows and shades in the room.

Studies show that indoor air quality is much worse than outdoor, mainly because of High co2 levels due to human activities.

The problem with air condition is that it only recycles the air in the house. A window fan or a wall fan gets fresh air from the outdoor, but it cools the room too much in the winter and brings all the outdoor pollution inside. Additionally, since it is far away from the place where you are, it causes strong uncomfortable winds in your bedroom, and still fails to get enough oxygen to the desired location.

Open windows are too cold in the winter and let all the outdoor noise and pollution in, and still fails to provide enough free air where needed.

The personal air spot solves all those problems. It lets in a fresh filtered air which can be warmed in the winter. It brings the Co2 level to about 400 ppm (parts per million) which is as good as an outdoor air. Co2 level over 1000 considered harmful, but even 700 is unpleasant and may cause sleep interruption. You may warm the air in the winter to the desired temperature, close all the windows and drapes and place the dispenser as close as needed to you. It has filters which prevents the pollution from getting in and it helps sleep apnea. You may purchase the portable version and connect it temporarily to your window, and decide whether you'll like to keep it or install the permanent version through your wall.

Financial information

I am interested in selling the patent or investing in improving and marketing. the device is already in production and can be purchased at Amazon for $80.

The market potential is for everyone who have sleep apnea and would like to sleep better without a cpap machine or any other device, or for any one who would like to enjoy fresh outdoor air by their bed at night.
Provisional Patent Application #: 62/694,769 (patent pending).

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