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Syringe Sterilization Cap

[Category : - OTHER- HEALTH- Life-saving; Fire-fighting]
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A sterilization cap carried on a needle support end of a syringe. The cap includes a main body having first and second ends, the first end being connectable to the needle support end, as well as being connectable onto the needle support end alone of a primary or IV extension line. A sponge secured within a sponge cavity within the second end is saturated with a sterilizing liquid. A removable cover attached to the second sealingly encloses the sponge until the syringe is used. The second end is sized, when the cover is removed, to fit over a clave tip of a clave extension or IV tubing a distance sufficient to compress the sponge to sterilize the clave tip with sterilizing liquid expressed from the sponge.

The Prefilled syringe industry is growing globally every year. Last year in the U.S. Over 2 billion Prefilled saline flushes were sold and this product can be packaged on everyone of them. This product is not just limited to saline flushes , but can be used on any medication that is prefilled in any luer lock syringe. Luer lock syringes are universal throughout the world. This product also replaces the 4 other items hospital purchase now and replaces it with one. Saving money for hospitals and most of all it makes it very convenient to clean any needle or needleless connector bedside.

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