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Automatic Harmonica Positioner Method.

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A battery operated harmonica holder that positions around an end users neck that automatically raises and lowers on command by foot or hand switch to be wireless. This invention would allow a musician to stay hands free playing another instrument while playing the harmonica during a song. For medical applications we also would use the same invention for Harmonica Therapy for COPD patients that have limited mobility. The harmonica holder would automatically raise and lower through a preset program through a COPD therapist to build a patients lung capacity. This would be a way for a patient to get exercise with their lungs who might not have the ability to hold a specialized therapy harmonica for long periods of time.

Financial information

Seeking a sale or a license with royalties. This is a granted patent US 9430995B1. This is the first time we have brought this to market. Our initial research told us that harmonica sales alone worldwide there are at least one million units a year sold per year. As the inventor I know there is a need for this device in the music world. There are countless performers that already have a fleet of harmonicas especially the professionals that would invest in a item that allowed them to be hands free. A performer would have the ability to play guitar, piano, drums, or if they have limited ability to hold a harmonica for long periods of time. The other significant application of this invention will be used with COPD Harmonica therapy patients. The device allows patients to use a COPD specialized harmonica and be able to work with a therapist and raise and lower the harmonica for established work out periods for the lungs. There are many COPD patients that have limited mobility. We have not conducted any research on how many people use this therapy however it has been used for well over 14 years in the field. We did interview a local Pulminologist that originally brushed it off the idea until he realized he had 6 patients in his office that could immediately use a device like this in harmonica therapy. We know of nothing else like this on the market and we can not only help musicians we can help patients with this patent.

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