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Method for managing incoming calls in mobile devices

[Category : - Telecommunications]
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CALLATER – Disconnect Responsibly
Mute mode gets active in urgent calls
Many users of mobile devices that are designed to receive voice calls are in dilemma whether to put their mobile device on mute mode when they are in places and situations when it is customary to put the mobile device on mute mode, such as a meeting, trying to take a nap or in a movie, while at the same time they prefer not to miss important and emergency incoming voice calls. The dilemma of almost every average user is whether to leave the mobile device on the regular mode on these specific times and to receive unimportant incoming voice calls, which are disturbing at that time, or to put it on mute and to miss important and emergency voice calls. The present invention offers a good and effective response to this dilemma.
The method enables the callee to define times in which he wishes to receive only urgent voice calls. The method also may include the option to define geographical locations in which the callee will receive only urgent voice calls, by using the GPS features and the map programs of the mobile device. The callee may set the method that it will be activated automatically anytime he is in a certain territory, for example, in the school yard of his children, in the park, in the sport club, the church and other places in which the callee prefer to be in a rest from not-urgent voice calls.

The notice may be presented on the caller mobile device as a vocalic notice, as a text message, or displayed on the mobile device. As explained above, the user may select the notice from several options or to compose one or more as he or she wishes, for example: “If it is urgent press 1 and I will receive the call immediately, otherwise, please call me after 16:00”; “I am now in a movie until 21:00, if urgent, press 1 and I will answer”; “I am in a meeting, David or Ruth, press 1 and I will answer, all the others please call after 13:00”; “Trying to sleep early today, urgent matters press 1, otherwise please try tomorrow”. The method may also enable the user to determine in advance that the time period will be presented continuously in specific days and times.

A method that enables a callee to manage incoming voice calls in a way that in a period of time that he sets the method prevents the operation of the alerts mechanisms of his mobile device. In case of an incoming voice call the method sends a notice to the caller mobile device notifying that the callee prefers to receive now only urgent voice calls. The method enables the caller to decide according to his sole discretion whether to complete this voice call.

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