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[Category : - Life-saving; Fire-fighting]
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The embodiments herein provide a fireproof barrier shield comprising the panels combined together to form a fireproof blanket placed on the building structure to protect the structure from flying embers, radiant heat and fire accidents. The panel comprises an inner heat retardant layer an outer heat reflective layer secured together using a heat resistant adhesive glue or thread. Each panel has several slots for receiving a fastener for combining the panels. The straps comprising a buckle and a belt are provided for securing the fireproof blanket to the ground using screw type anchors or stakes. The buckle is made of heat conductive material and the strap is made of fireproof threads. The perforated channels with brass or aluminum hose fittings are sewn to the inner layer to allow the water flow. The shield comprises a third layer arranged as an outer layer or an inner layer.

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