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Expandable adapter for a free-standing bag

[Category : - Lawn and Garden]
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Disclosed herein are adapters for use with ordinary lawn and leaf bags. In one example, a foldable, expandable, and reusable adapter is provided. The adapter includes a rectangular base unit that is designed to receive four connector pieces. The four connector pieces are made of a rigid material and may include respective vertical and horizontal creases that allow them to be folded. As such, once assembled, the adapter may be folded for storage and later expanded for use. In use, the adapter is inserted into a lawn or leaf bag and provides a larger opening for the bag as well as prevents the mouth of the bag from closing.

Financial information

-Paper yard waste bags is approximately $200 M market in US and Canada combined. The use of paper yard waste bags is growing annually and is being mandated in many states in the US. Although these bags are a common commodity item in use over several decades, they are not easy to work with - mainly due to the mouth of the bags collapsing in the slightest of windy conditions. The HopperTopper and HopperTopper HD lawn bag funnel alleviates these problems and much more. For details, visit Link
- HopperTopper and HopperTopper HD have been marketed since 2014 and 2015, respectively. These products are available at Walmart stores in US and Loblaw's in Canada, and several online marketplaces that include,,, Amazon and others.
- The utility patent can be utilized to make many other types of bag filling funnel products, particularly for use with high-throughput bag filling automated lines that could potentially minimize human intervention and increase overall efficiencies.
- Ideally, looking for an outright sale of this and related utility patents, total of 3 utility patents that expire in 2031.

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