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Mr. Medi Mouse

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"Mr. Medi Mouse"
Letter from the Inventor
My name is Perry Marc Perlman, a resident here in sunny Florida, for the past 25 years+, now. Approximately 10 years ago I had been experiencing tingling in my left hand and wrist, soon after the tingling would be followed by a painful throbbing sensation in my left hand and wrist areas, of my arm. When I realized that these pains are growing, rather than subsiding, I decided to visit my brother Neil who is a Orthopedic Surgeon. My brother Neil, after examining me, told me that I was experiencing the affects caused by a medical condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, also known as CTS. I told Neil that almost every morning in recent weeks, I would find myself shaking my left hand and wrist, vigorously, just to try and get rid of the tingling and throbbing pains in my hand and wrist. After my meeting with my brother that morning, it was not to long before I had no other choice at the time, but to “go under the knife”, as the saying goes.

I soon found out that Carpal Tunnel surgery was only considered a minimal invasive surgery. Never the less, the surgeon would be cutting my palm area of my hand and wrist, and exposing the tendons going to my fingers, as well as the median nerve. You see, with the median nerve being squeezed and stressed, already shares this tight space with the finger tendons. Eventually, by aggravating the median nerve to beyond it's limit, results in the computer mouse user experiencing the painful affects of CTS. As I did my investigation of this subject matter of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I discovered that CTS affects millions of Americans each year, yet experts aren’t entirely sure what causes it. Some doctors and scientists believe that a combination of lifestyle and genetic factors are likely to blame. However, the risk factors are so diverse that nearly everybody has one or more of these risk factors at some point in their lives. Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause numbness, stiffness, and pain in the fingers and hand. The symptoms tend to be worse at night and may disturb your sleep, but you may notice it most when you wake up in the morning. Hanging your hand out of bed or shaking it around will often relieve the pain and tingling. In most cases this condition is associated with the work place, when using a computer and mouse for several hours each day. When using your computer mouse for entertainment, such as computer gamer's do, after playing with their computer mouse for serveral hours a day. I joined the millions of people here in the U.S. who had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery. It was going to be almost 1 month before I would be able to fully return to my normal job. In the past years my job in the construction industry required of me to have the full use of both my good working arms, including my hands and wrists. Eventually, the surgery did resolve my issues at that time. Since CTS can once again return and be a serious problem to contend with, I have been using
Mr. Medi Mouse, my newly created computer mouse, especially designed for CTS sufferers.
0for the past three years now my newly For the past few years now I have little to no problem using my left hand and wrist, and I give most of the credit to a prototype I created and officially, and of late,a new invention I have U.S. Patented, called “Mr. Medi Mouse”.

After my CTS surgery, I started experimenting with a variety of hand made computer mouse proto types, before I finally developed, “Mr. Medi Mouse”, and found my most recent model a perfect health aid in the prevention to the on-set of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Since that experimental period , with the professional help of my two physician brothers, Dr. Neil and
Dr. Dean, we finally designed and created what we believe is the perfect tool, the perfect computer mouse, that will provide the cure, if not the well needed relief for the millions of CTS sufferers and computer game players dealing with similar painful issues, here in the U.S., alone.

Two and a half years ago. we filed for a U,S, Utility Patent as well as a U,S. Registered Trademark for our doctor mouse logo. We recently achieved that goal and received an approved USPTO Registered Utility Patent for Mr. Medi Mouse, along with the protection for our logo, doctor mouse.
The U,S, Patent number is 9,927,890 B1

According to the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CTS affects millions of people in this country, on a yearly basis. In fact, in the past few years more than 400, 000 of CTS surgeries, performed this past year, in the USA, alone. Also, my research discovered the that there are many more millions of people in this country, that are still suffering from either the pre-cursor to CTS or full blown Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Most of these millions of people now experiencing severe hand, wrist and arm pains are lost and are trying to avoid CTS surgery.

Well, we definitely have the answer and hopefully the solution for your problem, Think, "Mr. Medi Mouse".

For the past few years I have been using my custom designed first version of “Mr.Medi Mouse”, which is comprised up of a custom designed telescoping wrist and hand support, accompanied with a specialized gel pad, for the computer mouse users comfort. Combining the hand and wrist support with a custom manufactured computer mouse designed and made to sister up with its mate, being the hand, wrist support, and gel pad. Just think, the winners will not only be the people now suffering from CTS, but the biggest financial winners will be the Health Insurance Industry, who will be realzing almost immediately, the millions and millions of dollars they would be saving for their stock holders each year by avoiding CTS surgery and costly therapy sessions.

It is simply a “No Brainer” Right???

Again, food for thought?

Would you agree that by all of the Health Insurance Companies paying for a product like, "Mr. Medi Mouse" that will sale for under $99, will save these huge companies and their clients millions if not billions of dollars each year, mostly due to our newly specialty computer mouse, "Mr. Medi Mouse"?

Please contact us at your earliest, so that I may have the opportunity in answering any of your questions and possibly have you representing our brand new product,
"Mr. Medi Mouse"?
Thank you very much for taking time to read through my introduction letter.

If you have not already viewed the attached few minute video, please be kind enough in now viewing this informative media, and see for yourself, why we believe, that "Mr.Medi Mouse" is the answer to all CTS sufferer's pains?

"I would like to take this opportunity
and thank you for showing your interest in "Mr. Medi Mouse" and I hope we have the pleasure in serving you in the near future?"

Perry Marc Perlman
Creator of "Mr. Medi Mouse"
e mail: [Use the button below to contact me]
or [Use the button below to contact me]
or call me at (561) 628-0885

Financial information

Looking for an investor with the qualified funds in iorder to finite the Patented design as well as for the fabrication for the necessary injection molds. These funds must be available for the actual implementation of manufacturing the first round of production including all of the necessary capital for custom designed cartons, warehouse space, and all of the other required materials and labor for marketing "Mr. Medi Mouse" and distributing this great new invention to the public including the Insurance Health Industry..
For the record, I have had previous businesses that required the knowledge of manufacturing products as well as the selling and distributing of these other products.
Please review our newly placed web site at "www, for further introduction to Mr. Medi Mouse

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