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Personalized car radio system

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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A personalized car radio system comprising: a remote application server comprising: a collector, being a software that scans web sites continuously, for detecting content that corresponds to keywords expressing a driver's preferences; a client application, being a software that schedules displaying collected content in accordance with an alertness rank of the driver and a rhythm of the content; and a client device interacting with the application server by Unicast communication, the client device comprising: a safety module, being a software activated continuously or intermittently, for determining an alertness rank according to (a) metered movement of an organ of the driver, and (b) road condition; and a sounding device and a user interface thereof, for sounding the scheduled content; and a text-to-speech converter, being executed either on the server or the client device, for converting text files to audio files.

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