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"Crunch Funnel" - Spill-Resistant Snack Container for Toddlers

[Category : - OTHER- Food- Baby products]
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A mom invented this for her son and calls it "Crunch Funnel". The motivation was dissatisfaction with conventional snack cups having flexible "snack keeper" covers, which frustrate toddlers and are not very effective.

The spill-resistant container allows toddlers to grab food from a consistent and easy to access shallow container depth. Gravity dispensing keeps the shallow depth full of snacks. The funnel geometry can recollect any snacks that are dropped above it during retrieval. If the container drops or is tipped, only a small amount of snacks are vulnerable to being spilled. The low profile of the container makes it more stable than conventional toddler snack containers.

Another fun feature is that parents can fill the container so that "treats" are at the top portion of the storage chamber and the rest is healthy snacks. Kids see the treats at the top but since the snacks are dispensed bottom-up, kids are forced to first eat the healthy snacks to access the treats.

The patent application covers various broad embodiments of gravity dispensing snack containers for toddlers.

Financial information

U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 62/714,740 on file. Please contact Ryan for licensing information:

Email: [Use the button below to contact me]
Phone: 518-795-5097

The product would be simple to manufacture. It is easily distinguished from conventional "spill-resistant" toddler snack containers, which all require flexible "snack keeper" covers that are frustrating to toddlers and not very effective. Owners are interested in licensing rights to the patent, but will entertain other types of offers such as an outright sale.

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