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System Analysis Design Assistant (SADA)

[Category : - Security and alarms]
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The SADA program is about to become a must have for every security alarm installation company in the world. Without it, no end-user will ever accept your quotation. I developed the SADA program from many years of hands-on experience in the electronic system security industry, combined with my education in circuit level electronics, as well as physics.

The SADA program assists sales and technical staff, who is not trained in electronics (sales), let alone physics (sales or technical), to properly design a new system, or effectively analyze an already installed system, for design faults not traceable by technicians on site, leading to overactive systems (many false activations), which come at a high cost (many service calls) to the company, as well as hurting the image of the company, and frustrating its clients.

The SADA program ensures that;
(1) the system's power balance is correct (to prevent slow draining of the backup battery), which is a usual problem on larger installations, but where technicians keep replacing batteries, because they are unaware of the fault;
(2) the system energy supply and consumption is in equilibrium (to prevent battery run down in trip mode), which is also an untraceable fault on site;
(3) that the battery size is adequate to provide the necessary standby during power failures in cold winter temperatures (the colder the temperature, the less power the battery will deliver), which is also an untraceable fault on site;
(4) that the battery size is adequate for the system size not to drain it faster than what the battery is designed for (the quicker the battery is drained, the less power it will deliver), which is also an untraceable fault on site;
(5) that the right cabling (thickness and/or material) is used, for up to the hottest temperature the cables will get during hot summer days (cable resistance increases as its temperature rises), which causes many false activations and early component failures, and is also untraceable to technicians on site, leading to high costs and wasted time to the company.

Once all the equipment to go into the client's system is selected in the SADA program, the cables specified, and the temperatures entered, the program shows the salesman or technician where an alteration should be made to get the system right. A certificate can then be printed to go with the quotation, or be handed to the client in the event of an already installed system.

Without a SADA certificate, neither the client, nor the company knows whether the system will operate trouble free throughout the year. Once the troubles start, many service calls are wasted, equipment replaced, monies spent, but the problem never resolved. And so it is year after year, in the end leaving the industry with a bad name. These problems become a serious headache for companies who grow to more than two thousand monitored clients on their service.

The SADA program takes care of it by ensuring that it never happens in the first instance, by getting the design right without the need to possess the deep technical and scientific knowledge, because sales and technical staff simply do not possess the knowledge how to calculate all these variables, which would anyway be too much of a time consuming task to do manually for each individual system.

Financial information

The SADA program can be made available on a website to all security companies, all over the world to use. A SADA program for each brand (manufacturer) can be made available on this website. Security companies will then buy credits, where one credit will be used up every time a salesman or technician log in to use it. Once the print button is clicked to print out the client's certificate, the salesman or technician is automatically logged out, and have to log in again for the next client's analysis. Once the credits are used up, the company buys another batch of credits. Every single security company that does alarm system instalations will make use of it, because without it no customer will accept the quotation, because he will accept the quotation that gives him rest assurance that his security system is designed properly -a quotation that has a SADA certificate attached to it.

On the SADA program, the customer's name can be entered, so the customer can verify on the same website whether his SADA certificate indeed is legitimate, and not just a falsification added to his quotation.

To estamate a prospective income, worldwide, one would need to know how many such companies there are, and how many clients each have, as well as how many quotations each give. This will be a number within the millions a month. Thus, even with a small price per credit, the income potential is enormous.

I am not going to make a price here for the program, but is willing to negotiate with interested parties.

Please contact me for further information. I am open to royalties, or an outright sale.

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