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Table Tennis with Wings!

[Category : - Toys and games]
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PING PONG TABLE (US 9,919,193 B2).
This variation of Table Tennis gives players the ability to ricochet ping pong balls off the arcuate wings which run the length of the table on both sides. The wings can be set to varying angles with respect to the main table surface (including level). This encourages new strategies on the part of the players. The wings can be utilized to change the dynamics of the game or the players can opt to play as they would on a traditional table. There is also the inclusion of semicircular inserts at the ends of the table. When an insert is removed on one end of two tables, the result is a circular void where a third player can enter to play against players on the ends of the two tables. The table(s) wings can also be configured level as a working or eating surface. Folds compact. Designed to be lightweight and sturdy. Eat, Work, and Play on this Table Tennis with Wings.

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