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Hydro Water Belt

[Category : - Fitness]
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My product has a lot of potential for things other then running.The provides a easy comfortable way to take in fluids while not impeding the user.we have a Neoprene comfortable belt that is resilient to water.In the back of belt is a pouch with a special straw,freeze packs,to alread frozen fluids a clip to make straw go up the body to be clipped to collar.You can almost turn your head and drink.Two pockets in the back for phone or I-pods.What is nice is if covers love handles and can run the straw under the shirt,almost invisible.No other product will support you back. I feel that users of the hump on the back,will damage the neck.Run for 20 years with that,asking for trouble,or bottles hanging off slushing around
As you can see good for cutting grass,hiking,truckers its almost hands free,the one I like the best is a Hells Angles could drink Jack Daniels right next to law enforcement.
I graduated college with A BS. In Health and Physiycal Education.
I ran cross country
I was a Fire Fighter in Norfolk,Virgina for 18 yrs
I was hurt and sustained 5 operations,retired on disability.
Thank You for this opportunity

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