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Electric Power & Clean Water, Distribution Unit.(Mobile)

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The present invention is an enclosed and transportable skid mounted utility apparatus. The apparatus includes an enclosure disposed on a transportable skid. The enclosure has a floor, end and side walls and a roof. The enclosure also includes one or more generator assemblies. The one or more generator assemblies provide power to one or more breaker boxes located in the enclosure. The one or more breaker boxes transfer the power to one or more transformers located on a wall of the enclosure. The one or more transformers transform and transfer the power to an electrical distribution panel in the enclosure. A water tank is also disposed in the enclosure. A water manifold is coupled to the water tank, and the water manifold includes a pump that uses power generated from the one or more generator assemblies.
(Supply Electric Power 120-220-230-240-277-415-480v, 50hz or 60hz) (Supply 1 Gallon of Clean Drinking Water to 2200 People) (Also Showers)
Text +1 505-860-0737 with proposal. Thank you.

Financial information

Revenue of 3.5 Million, 5 years of Field Testing, Tested by Major Oil & Gas and Fortune 500 Companies, on 450 locations, Solid Works Flat & build File, BOM, Business Plans and Marketing Material, Researched by Patent Lawyer, Reviewed by Los Alamos National Laboratories. (FACEBOOK: E3 POWER & WATER)

Patent for SALE with Product seen below. Or Lease Option.
8 Designed Models Total.
Will Consult with buyer for 6 months to 1 year.

Market Potential is WORLD WIDE:
Only Product on the Market of it's kind.
Oil & Gas: Rig Power, Housing
Military: Housing
Schools: Back-up Power & Water
Home Owners, Remote Home Owners,Back-up Power & Water
Emergency Management
Rental Market: 50 Million Dollar Industry
Ship Docks
Forest Service (Showers, Sinks)(Helicopter Lift)
Wind: ECO
Solar: ECO

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