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Air Car

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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This invention is about related to a car. Which is running utilizing by air. There no fuel need. This is running by compresed air pressure as per the low of newtons, vector,vacuum, effecency.
We create vacuum type cylinder input some high rpm fan for compresed air pressure this car is running utilizing by this Pressurr.

this car change our life. &groth econumic structure. because fuel cost is zero. No another automotive oil used. This is high speed car.
This is the future technology . Change full life style. Low maintance cost.

My application number is-32/kol/2012
The application is now amended stage

Financial information

Interest for sell outright.
This is the new invention no sell previusly.
I saw few days ago some mishor student prepare a model of car which output function is same(which picture i upload now )But i previusly apply for patent so i interest to sell it now in amended stage.
I think that this product have huge scope to capture the market. Because the fuel is no need and its very simply use. And environment is not affected.
I have no condition i interested to sell it as a thisis anyone who buy it they prepared the technology. And modified it.
I have no trademark or website.

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