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Sex toy/ Anal Sex/ Multipurpose Toy

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Adult Toy


The present invention relates generally to an apparatus for an adult entertainment toy. More specifically, the present invention is an apparatus for an adult entertainment toy that scans, vibrates, and increases in size.


Adult entertainment toys are popular all over the world as a way to add excitement in the bedroom or for experimentation. As the interests and curiosities of different genders grows, new toys are introduced to meet the needs of these consumers.


FIG. 1 is a drawing of the present invention.


All illustrations of the drawings are for the purpose of describing selected versions of the present invention and are not intended to limit the scope of the present invention.

The present invention is a device that is separated into two pieces that number one piece is the electronic, it has on/ off, digital gauge for diameter of the device, manually expander and narrowing option button, scanner, scanner activation button, vibrator button which gives the ability to massage the muscle in rectum and gives more pleasure, and it connects to the second piece that is inserted in the rectum. The second piece has an unbreakable, soft skin over it that expands as desired, this piece is narrow at first and it expands either by scanning the penis size or as desired by manually expanding and narrowing it out. If the manual sizing is held on the negative button then the device goes to its normal size very fast and if its clicked one at a time then its size decreased slowly as desired.

#2 piece is controlled through a programmed chip/ the motherboard. This chip/ the motherboard is located in #1 piece. All the buttons on #1 piece are optional and can be set manually by the users. That means that after turning on the device, the next step would be the scanner, size changer, vibrator, or mixture of all features at once in any order desired.


On/ Off bottom: very basic act, it turns on or off the device.

Manually expander: there is a plus and minus bottom that allows the device to expand or decrease in size if the negative bottom is held then the device decreases size quickly and if it's clicked once at a time then it decreases size slowly as desired.

Scanner: it scans penis size to expand the #2 piece to the diameter of the penis (at first scan the penis size, insert in the rectum in its original size then activate the option to expand the device).

Vibrator: optional to use the vibrator (it is recommended to use the vibrator for less pain and more pleasure) (three level vibration slow to faster).

Skin around the tip: this piece is unbreakable soft and it expands to any size (just like condoms available in the market, but with thicker skin).

This device could be completed electronically or the first piece electronically and the second piece mechanical.

Digital gauge: there is a digital gauge that shows the diameter change on the device located on #1 piece.

This device can be used for vaginal pleasure and anal sex.

Although the invention has been explained in relation to its preferred embodiment, it is to be understood that many other possible modifications and variations can be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

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