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[Category : - HEALTH]
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A method of controllably heating nasal rinsing solution inside a neti pot is provided. The method comprises the following steps: providing a nasal rinse system comprising: a neti pot having a main body forming a cavity for receiving a rinsing solution; a spout extending from a top portion of the main body; an opening defined by a top portion of the main body, wherein the opening communicates with the cavity; a lower portion of the main body incorporating a heating element electrically connected to a power source, wherein the heating element provides a thermostat for determining the heat at the heating element; and at least one indicator light that is electrically connected to the thermostat so that the at least one indicator light is activated when the said heat reaches a predetermined temperature; pouring the rinsing solution through the opening; and waiting for the at least one indicator light to by activated.

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Open to partnering, licensing, or a potential sale of the patent. The product has been UL certified and has completed a limited production run.

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