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Wedge-it / key removal ring

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The Wedge-it is a ring or key ring that holds your keys or is on your key ring.It is a ring shape that can snap on or off the key ring to be placed next to any key you want to remove or can snap off the key ring and be placed where you want a key placed on the ring .It has a wedge shape design at a part of the ring on both edges that can easily slide into the key ring edge to open the ring to put the key on or off the ring.Many people break their finger nails to do this function.My wife always asks me to fix her keys.The best and most secure key rings are the ones that are the hardest to open.That is the reason they are the best and most secure way of keeping your keys together.There is no product in the world that does this function. The Wedge-it can be just a ring or can be a design styled key ring.

Financial information

This is a very inexpensive item to produce.It can be a tremendous volume of sales item.We are a small invention company with patents ideas for sale or license partnership.This is now filed with the patent office.

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