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Transferring a patient from one bed to the bed next;

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Hello .
Name: Mr. mohamad
last name : Asoudeh
Nationality: persian (iran)
Age : 30
offer : Requesting Collaboration to Build a New Product.
Proposal explanation: One of the problems of patients with accidental and accidental complications due to surgery or delivery; the transfer of the patient from one bed to the adjacent bed. Which is currently being raised and placed on the other bed. I did it automatically and without human intervention, and easily done with the help of a new system. This system makes the patient feel uneasy. If your company is willing to do so, please contact me. And send me an email.
Email Address: [Use the button below to contact me]
Address and telephone: +989117241763
Thank .

I studied research on one of the problems in hospitals in Iran.
That one thing attracted me.
And it transmits the patient from one bed to another.
As shown below in the world.
But I built several methods with great effort and thought.
That was not my satisfaction.
As a result, I was thinking of an easy and better solution.
Until a few months ago I thought of making this model a stretcher and a bed.
Beautiful and functional design, easy to use and acceptable to everyone.
To make this model, I needed a lot of facilities that I am unable to build because of the lack of capital. I know that if this model is made, it is accepted by all the hospitals.
So I asked for help with several companies.
Out of 5 companies, 3 crossovers announced their readiness to cooperate.
One is your company. One in Taiwan And one in America.
They were willing to create a way to talk.
But given your company has a longer history, I'm currently communicating with your company.
I am an inventor who needs support to build this project.
I do not have a company right now.
If you would like, you can contact me. To make this model of the bed.
Let's be the first company to make this model for hospitals.
Good profit.
The hospital bed I designed.
Mechanical and electronic.
This bed will allow you to:
1. The patient moves from one bed to the next without moving and lifting the least.
2. Nurses who need to spend more time to lift the patient; this transmission system does not require much power and time.
3. Ease and comfort in moving patients before and after surgery.
4. A modern and new patient transmission system
5. Sufficiency and satisfaction of patients for their transfer.
email: [Use the button below to contact me]

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