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CompetitorRC_Transmitter 2

[Category : - Navigation and orientation]
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You will own the R/C transmitter market with this patented transmitter design. (Utility patent ! ) Buy it now for only 2 million USD cash !
After years of piloting my own single engine aircraft and participating in Radio Control hobby flying, I invented a more intuitive R/C design for the radio control market.
I have attended several R/C 'Fly-ins' and demonstrated my prototype and in all cases , I was asked how soon it would be available to purchase.
The best way to describe this new utility patented design is to invite you to watch my very amateur self-made video, It is crude however it conveys the idea.
Please visit the you tube video described below and tell me what you think. I would like to sell my patent to a manufacturer that will be capable of very high volume production capacity. The market is huge and is waiting for it to arrive !

Thank you,


The US Patent number is: US7793890

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