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Enhanced Lancing Device with Suction

[Category : - HEALTH]
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Our technology utilizes the principal of lancing device, with a variable vacuum option to avoid the painful pricking of a finger. DREAMS™ equipped lancing device provides minimal needed skin penetration without any significant discomfort to the patient.
Clinical Advantages
Pain free glucose testing
Increase of proper glucose data for more accurate treatment
Mental comfort
Easy application and use
Competitive Cost Effective Market Price lancet device is formed of an outer housing that provides a source of vacuum. An inside, nested lancet device may provide lancet blade cocking, locking, and release functions. A forward shell can be pressed against the user's skin to thereby seal and establish a vacuum chamber around the lancing site. A sample collection strip resides at the lancing site to receive the produced blood sample. A sensor reads data from the sample and communicates with an internal processor to manage and communicate the data. The collection strip has multiple sectors serving as separate sampling areas that can be sequentially repositioned to an active location in line with the lancet blade. Each sampling area has a predefined hole in line with the path of the lancet blade so that the blade can cleanly traverse the sampling area.

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