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Flossing Device with Spring-Type Head (Flossmatic)

[Category : - HEALTH]
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Flossing has never been easier with Flossmatic, Easily improve your dental hygiene.

 Ergonomic design
 Specially designed, Flexible tines
 Specially designed floss thread with plastic balls
 Refillable floss spool
 Easily washable
 User-friendly

By means of the innovative features provided in the floss thread and the tines of FLOSSMATIC you can experience an easy and effective flossing. Dentists recommend regular flossing as one of the best ways to maintain dental hygiene and health. Many people, however, find the act of flossing clumsy and difficult. Flossing by hand requires stretching floss between the fingers of hands and then working the fingers into the mouth, flossing a given area of the mouth, advancing the floss through the fingers and then flossing another area of the mouth. The advancing of the floss is important in order to prevent the spreading of germs and debris from one area of the mouth to another.

This invention comprises a handle with a hollow body that acts as a storage chamber in which the coiled floss thread is placed, a Spring-Type Head that is fixedly attached to the said handle and two substantially cylindrical shape fixtures on top of the two ends of the said Spring-Type Head between which a piece of the floss thread is placed, secured and used for removing the food debris and particles from the spaces between the teeth of the user

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