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[Category : - Agriculture- Lawn and Garden- Tools]
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The invention relates to agricultural machinery, particularly to the equipment parts for mowers, and may be used in gasoline and electric lawn mowers.The mower equipment comprises a rod (1) with a locating fixture (2) for mounting on the rod (3) of the mower (4), and two wheels (9). The locating fixture (2) is mounted in the middle part of the rod (1). At the ends of the rod (1), by means of two hinges (6), with the possibility of axial movement therein, is installed one vertical axis (7), on which with the possibility of rotation around them are fixed forks (8), on which are installed the wheels (9).

Financial information

io cerco investitore , ho vendo il brevetto, la mia invenzione e semplice , e per meterlo in serie costera dal 0.50$ /1$ , la vendita sara piu o meno 10/15$ , accesorio e semplice da montare sul diverse decispugliatori, e multo facile di lavorare con questi rotini.

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