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Strapping system

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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A cargo net integrated with a tie down system for securing cargo to various loadable surfaces. This system can be made using any DOT approved materials and uses basic geometric shapes to provide a 4-point anchor system, all around coverage and total securement for maximum immobility, resistance to load shifting, falling and loss.
The design can be manufactured in a wide variety of dimensions and webbing sizes to accommodate any vehicle or load range. Examples and working prototypes have been tested and proven to offer results. Benefits include reduced or eliminated loose, shifted or loss of load, saving individuals, companies and industries from damaged or loss of inventory and revenue to damaged goods or vehicles, injury or death to persons, clean up costs and fines as well as insurance pay-outs. This system could be applied to private, commercial, industrial, aeronautics, marine vessels or government and military use.

Financial information

I am seeking either an investor, a manufacturer interested in a license with royalties or an outright sale.
My invention has been offered to various manufacturers and attempts at marketing without results.
Market potential lies within transportation, including private, commercial and government, Cargo tie down and construction equipment and safety systems.
In case of sale, my conditions are either payment in full or a long term agreement with partial payments upfront and percentages or royalties to follow.
I operate a Facebook page associated with this invention with more information about this invention and showcasing working prototypes of a few of the available variations.

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